A video obtained by an Orlando television TV station shows a veterinary technician hanging a puppy by its neck and repeatedly slamming the animal against a wall.

The state attorney’s office is now investigating the matter, according to WFTV, which obtained the video and identified the abuser as Stefanie Stasse. She was working at the Emergency Pet Hospital of Orlando at the time of the incident. She has since been fired, according to the owner of the hospital, Dr. Mohammad Hassan.

The technician appears to be swinging the dog in the air using a rope that is tied around its neck.

In initial interviews with WFTV, Hassan defended Stasse, saying she was handling the dog in such a violent manner because it had become aggressive. ‘There was no damage whatsoever to the dog there,’ he said.

He said the video was ‘obviously stolen’ and manipulated to edit out parts where Stasse had handled the dog more gently. The person who ‘stole’ the video ‘obviously has bad blood’ with Stasse, he added. Hassan also said that two people on his staff had been injured by the dog before Stasse stepped in. ‘Human safety comes first,’ he said. ‘If anybody gets injured its a big liability.’