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“Her life on the streets still has an effect on her today. She’s leery of new things until they reassure her things are ok and she’s a very opportunistic eater.”

St. Francis (Frannie) was first reported to the group – Val’s Pals GSD and Large Paw Rescue –  via another rescue named Forgotten Dogs of 5th Ward (in Houston). They are a group who has volunteers go into the 5th Ward area and feed the enormous number of homeless dogs. They were alerted to her on the evening of Wednesday, December 16th. The person who saw her noticed her eating on the carcass of another dead animal.

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They went out to the last reported siting area on the morning of December 17th. They walked up and down the streets trying to find her when, and they finally spotted her curled up seeking shelter in a pile of brush.

They made their way over to her.  Normally you approach a stray with caution, but it was clear she had all but given up. She wasn’t going anywhere and posed no risk to us. The poor girl was barely holding on. We placed a leash around her, tried to coax her up and out, but she didn’t move much, leaving me to pick her up and carry her.

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I still remember pulling a leaf off her cheek and blood began to drip. It had turned cold that day with freezing temperatures expected, and we have no doubt had she not been found that day, she would not have made it through the night.

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