Tennessee woman has devoted her life to saving dogs through her rescue organization, Arrow Dog Rescue. As a dog rescuer, Kimberley Slown saved the lives of hundreds of dogs. One dog she recently rescued showed her appreciation in a way that touched Kimberley to the core.

Niya was rescued from the Gibson County Animal Shelter in Trenton, Tennessee. When Kimberley arrived at the shelter to pick her up, the dog was so scared that she kept her tail tucked between her legs and wouldn’t move. She had to have help picking the 47-pound dog up and carrying her to the car.

The dog was terrified about what awaited her. She was obviously suffering from abuse, with cuts and wounds all over her body. Her ears had also been cut, probably as an attempt to prepare the puppy to a life of dog fighting.

But after a solid rest, Niya began to warm up to her new surroundings. She even sought out comfort from her rescuer and to say “thank you”.

“Niya is making so much more progress than we ever thought possible so quickly,” Kimberley wrote on Facebook. “She has only been here for a couple of days and last night she came and woke me up 5 times in the middle of the night by putting her muzzle into my hand. She even followed me to the bathroom!”

Kimberley was overwhelmed with emotion by Niya’s tender gesture. Although it is evident Niya has been traumatized by her past, Kimberley is hopeful for the future.

“As we pet her more we find more and more wounds on her body. She is literally covered in slashes, gouges, punctures, and the wound on her face is shaped very much like a Hoe. We are hoping that wasn’t what happened, that she was hit in the face with a hoe,” she wrote. “We are grateful to have the opportunity to teach her love.”