In a horrific case of animal abuse, a poor animal had his coat set on fire by a group of absolute villains.

There really isn’t a silver lining in a story like this one, except for the fact that the villains made one very awesome mistake, they left the puppy for dead. Luckily for the puppy, that didn’t happen.

“Amazing recovery of Yoko dog burned alive and left to die in agony. 30% of her body presents third-degree burns,” the dogs rescuers wrote on YouTube. “Her entire back is a bleeding swollen mass of muscles and dead tissue.”

Instead, this brave little fighter decided Yoko wasn’t giving up without a fight and was able to overcome the unthinkable, painful tragedy that started out his life. They say everything happens for a reason and this story is definitely proof that sometimes we are tested in life to make way for the positive.

Seeing Yoko today and how this dog finally got her second chance makes us all think that everything is going to be ok!