We present you with probably the most beautiful horse in the world, and no one can stay indifferent looking at Akhal-teke which is the name of this beautiful breed.

Have a look at these rare and stunning photos This horse breed with an unusual name comes from Turkmenistan and it’s considered to be their national animal.Akhal-teke – Horses From Heaven

They are very rare, with only around 1,250 in existence, which makes it that much difficult to see in real life.The most impressive part about this horse breed is their shining blonde coat that almost looks metallic.

They’ve been also known under the name “horses from heaven,” thanks to their beautiful coat.

The unusual color of it comes from specific proteins in the hair structure, the proteins in these horses’ hairs are arranged in such a way that when the light hits them, the hairs reflect and refract the light like metal does.