law enforcment officer animal cruelty

While the sacred vow and obligation of an animal cruelty officers are to treat animals compassionately, with affection and care, officer McDaniel is doing the precise inverse.

Amid a normal daily task, officer McDaniel was spotted seriously misusing a couple of little dogs. Poor people animals were obviously frightened and unsettled. Rather than quieting them, McDaniel gets them by their scruff and insensitively hurls them in the sanctuary van.

If it’s not too much trouble paying a more intensive take a gander look at the photograph on the left, there is blood originating from the puppy‘s mouth. That poor, dog is obviously harmed and McDaniel is explicitly abusing him nonetheless. But the crazy part still can’t seem to unfurl.

For reasons unknown, officer McDaniel has gotten an honor for his duty for the benefit of the Kentucky Animal Care and Control Association.
Mr. McDaniel is Officer of the Year 2015 for supporting the district’s animals in an animal cruelty prosecutions.

It is completely silly that an animal cruelty officer that wants to mishandle animals is really passed out an honor! The Kentucky Animal Care and Control Association took to Facebook to explain the way that the honor was given out before the photographs being made public and viral.

law enforcment officer animal cruelty

Taylor McDaniel is no longer fit to be working as an Animal Control officer

As it were, the affiliation claims they were ignorant of the photographs, else they would have reexamined their choice.

Authorities additionally included that the honor was given because of assignments submitted to the official board, yet have made it unmistakable they have no intentions to pull back McDaniel’s award.

There is positively no reason for officer McDaniel’s detestable and terrible In the light of these dubious photographs, we, the undersigned, firmly feel that Taylor McDaniel is never again fit to fill in as an Animal Control officer and hereto demand he is expelled from every one of his obligations with the Laurel County Animal Control Unit compelling immediately.

Please make a move to guarantee officer McDaniel is fired from his obligations as Animal Control officer as quickly as possible and never be permitted to work with animals again.