Individuals who are brutal and cruel to animals could look as long as five years in jail under another law which has been supported by the UK Government.

According to Yorkshire Post the proposed enactment would build the greatest sentence for the most serious animal cruelty from a half year to five years, permitting courts to be harder on violations, for example, dog fighting, barbarous treatment of pets and gross disregard of all farm animals. 

The Animals Welfare (Sentencing) Bill, has been presented as a Private Members Bill by Conservative MP Chris Loder, who said he was propelled to make a move by his own pooch who he discovered abandoned on the side of the road. 

Image by Andrew Martin from Pixabay 

The presentation of the Bill, which is upheld by the Government, follows an open discussion in 2017 that discovered 70% of individuals supported harder sentences for animal cruelty

In a statement for Yorkshire Post, Mr Loder said he was stunned to discover that the RSPCA investigated in excess of 130,700 formal complaints of brutality against animals and made sure about 1,678 conviction verdicts a year ago. 

“I believe tougher sentencing will act as a greater deterrent against the worst examples of animal cruelty,” he said.

“We are renowned as a nation of animal lovers and Britain needs to lead the world on animal welfare legislation” he ended his statement.