This attention-seeking Golden Retriever has stolen hearts all over the world after a video of him reached millions

Riley, a sweet Golden Retriever from California, always has one thing on his mind: fetch. But rather than sit around and whine for his humans to throw the ball for him, he’s been enlisting the help of random strangers walking by his house. In a tweet that’s going viral on social media, Wendy Walden Riley’s mom, told The Dodo.  “It was like paparazzi,”  “People stopped their cars and got out to film him and take selfies. So much filming and he ate it up. They used to film ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ right next door and he was noticed right away. I think he got selfies from most of the crew and even one with Rachel Bloom.”

A VIDEO of golden pet boy Riley throwing his toys over a wall each morning in a ploy to get people to play with him has gone viral and won the hearts of many.

Dropping the ball works almost 100 percent of the time,” “Sometimes he misses his mark (not all people love dogs), but then we would always find the ball sitting on the wall because someone picked it up.” she finishes her statement.

Everyone on the street knows who Riley is and absolutely adores him. He’s something of a local celebrity and is even known and loved by the employees at his local Starbucks, who put his Puppuccino in bag for him so he can carry it home all by himself.

John Berchtold, who recently posted a video of Riley on Twitter, was just visiting some friends in the neighborhood when he spotted Riley hanging over the wall, and was immediately smitten with the adorable, attention-seeking dog.therileygolden