Online bidding featuring Donald John Jr., is culminating. During its yearly hunting show in Reno, Nevada, the Safari Club International has been holding an online closeout for a “fantasy hunt” with Donald Trump Jr. Also, 10 hours before the bidding is set to end, the offering has hit $27,500.

According to the New York Post, The most elevated offer is by member”Grizzly 333.” 

The hunting trip is being charged as the dispatch of something many refer to as the “Hunter Heritage Series” with extravagance supplier Coastal Alaska Adventures, and says, 

“This year we will be featuring Donald Trump Jr., the number one ambassador for our way of life. … Don Jr and his son will be hosting this year’s hunt along with [Master Guide] Keegan [McCarthy] in Alaska. Join them aboard Alaska’s premier luxury hunting vessel for a 7-day Sitka black-tailed deer and sea ducks hunt.”
Printscreen of an advertisement for the auction. Photograph: Safari Club International

Likewise available to be purchased on auction is a Tanzanian leopard chase (current offer at $27,500), a multi-day “Zambian tuskless elephant hunt” (current offer: $1,300), a cape buffalo hunt in Mozambique  (current bid: $7,000), a Russian brown bear hunt (current bid: $4,500 — although an Alaskan brown bear hunt is up to $10,000) and a Cameroon hunt for Lord Derby Eland, Buffalo and Antelope (current bid: $32,500).

Trophy hunting with Donald Trump Jr_lovely_animals

The event is starting shock and anger from animal-rights activists — with explicit anger focused on the President’s son. “Advertised as a ‘dream hunt,’ this hunting trip will be nothing but a nightmare for the Sitka black-tailed deer and sea ducks who find themselves in the gun sights of Donald Trump Jr. and whoever purchases this sick thrill,” Flocken told CNN in a statement.

Also irritated is previous Beach Boy, Brian Wilson, as the present lineup of the Beach Boys played at the show on Feb. 5. 

Wilson tweeted a link to an appeal requiring the band to drop on Monday, composing that he is  “emphatically opposed to” trophy hunting.