People know that there are three things babies are really good at. Eating, pooping, and sleeping. Well, actually, that’s pretty much all they do.

That’s exactly what our pet dogs do. And this is why Max the dog and baby Hollis got along so well.

The two got along quite well with each other and spent a lot of time together. That’s why Max wouldn’t mind when Hollis would use him as a pillow. He liked to be close to his buddy.

But there are areas where Max draws the line when it comes to Hollis. And that line is drawn in poop.

“Hollis, do you like sitting next to Max,” their mom asks?

Mom then notices a look on her son’s face that she has seen many times before.

“Oooh, you look like you’re about to poo poo or something…”

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You can watch the video below.