biker rescue eagle

Dandon Miller was going on his bike over Memorial Day weekend when the traffic all of a sudden halted before him. Inquisitive, he rode around the vehicles to find a bald eagle stranded amidst the street – and he jumped energetically to spare her, reports CBS News.

Miller, who was voyaging home from a Philadelphia motorcycle and car show on Saturday, revealed to CBS News another driver was endeavoring to help the eagle when he pulled over and jumped off his bicycle.

The other individual was prodding the eagle, however, when she opened her wings to fly Miller said that “it was entirely clear the bird was harmed.” 

“I do love animals and everything and wouldn’t want to see any animal get hurt or anybody else to get hurt,” he commented. 

Realizing she wouldn’t be able to escape the street alone, he thought of an arrangement to spare her. “I took off my flannel, wrapped it around the bird and just picked her right up,”  Miller said.

Numerous wild animals would almost certainly respond contrarily to being conveyed, yet Miller said the eagle appeared to realize he was helping her. 

He was even ready to take a couple of mind-blowing photographs of the experience.

“She did not give me any problems at all, she was completely calm,” he said. “Honest to God, it was harder to hold my cat than her.”

Miller carried the eagle to the side of the street and asked the other Good Samaritans who gathered around him on the off chance that anybody knew who to call. In the long run, he called 911, who called the state troopers and in the long run got into contact with Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research.

The neighborhood association attempts to restore wild flying animals “with the goal of returning healthy birds to their natural environment,” according to their website. 

The association took around 45 minutes to arrive and Miller held the eagle entire time, which he described as a dreamlike encounter. 

“Wow, I can’t believe I’m holding a bald eagle,” he said. “She was just looking around, hanging out with me. It was just wild looking into my arms and seeing a bald eagle. Just seeing how massive it was, it was crazy.” 

The charitable organization has not yet reacted to CBS News‘ request for comment, yet presented on Facebook Wednesday with photographs and a report on the eagle’s condition.

The eagle made them wing damage sutured, her scraped spots cleaned and is “resting easily,” as indicated by the post.