bears breaks subaru

It’s that season again – bears are beginning to appear around the local area searching for a simple supper. Colorado Parks and Wildlife are reminding those living in the bear state to be “bear mindful.”
In Breckenridge, Cate Siegel had one of the first encounters with a bear this spring.

“He must have just got in, went back and around got in the backseat,” she said in a statement for CBS

From the outside, her 2014 Subaru Forester looks completely unblemished. Inside you can see exactly how much harm this bear truly did.

“Indeed, even left a little astonishment in the backseat” she snickered.

Siegel was off for work on Thursday morning when discovered both her vehicle and the carport entryway were open.

“He actually… there was a garage opener in the car, must have stepped on it and opened the garage door, but luckily our trash had just been taken out,” she said.

“He” is a bear.

“I accept he’s not very enormous on the grounds that he had the capacity to get into my vehicle and move around,” she said.

Tracks in the snow demonstrate the bear cleared its path through her neighborhood, leaving garbage in a couple of yards and after that into her vehicle to locate a sweet treat.

“Gummy bears… his own kind, I guess,” she laughed.

Siegel says the treat was in a fixed pack, some portion of a blessing bin from an occasion the prior night.

Living in the mountains, she says they are constantly mindful about locking up junk and endeavor to do likewise with the entryways however in this occurrence, she says she let her guards down.

Read the Colorado Parks and Wildlife bulletin, with tips on how to avoid conflicts with bears.

  • Keep garbage in a well-secured enclosure and only put out garbage on the morning of pickup; bring in empty cans back inside before dark.
  • Use a bear-resistant trash can or dumpster. These are available online or from your trash hauler.
  • Clean all garbage cans regularly to keep them odor free. The scent of ammonia can deter bears.
  • Take down all bird feeders by April 15  bird feeders are a major source of bear/human conflicts. Birds don’t need to be fed during the spring and summer. Hang feeders again in mid-November.
  • Don’t leave pet food or stock feed outside  never provide food sources for any wildlife.
  • Keep garage doors and windows closed and locked, especially between dusk and dawn.
  • Don’t leave attractants such as snacks, food wrappers, gum, or even scented hand lotions in your car; and always lock vehicle doors.
  • Use bear boxes or bear-proof containers for food and scented items when camping.
  • Don’t leave food outside while camping. If bear boxes aren’t available local all food in a vehicle.
  • Review CPW’s Bearproofing Your Home Fact Sheet and conduct a home audit to be sure you are not attracting bears to your property.
  • Talk to your neighbors and kids about being bear aware.
  • For more information about Living with Bears in Colorado, visit