After a bear was discovered dead in a Castle Pines neighborhood Friday, one of the inhabitants there is stating he supposes somebody killed it, and he will compensate any individual who encourages him find that individual, report 9News.

Jason Clay, a representative with Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), said they are examining the death of a bear in the city around 20 miles south of Denver.

However, Joe Oltmann, who lives in the area, said he believes somebody slaughtered it.

Oltmann claims he heard what he supposes were gunshots around 1 a.m. Thursday. He said he checked out that morning yet didn’t discover anything.

Friday morning, Oltmann said he saw two bear cubs in a tree in his yard.

mother bear found dead2

He said he called CPW who sent an official to his home. Oltmann said the official started searching for the mother of the cubs and in the long run found a dead bear in a ditch under the tree.

mother bear found dead1

Oltmann is currently offering $2,500 to any individual who can enable him to discover the individual he supposes slaughtered the mother bear.

CPW caught the orphaned cubs and carried them to the Frisco Creek Wildlife Facility in Del Norte where they will stay through the winter, a tweet from the office says. The offspring will, in the end, be discharged into nature.

In a tweet, CPW said beginning reports showed there might have been three cubs. On the off chance that anybody has data on the passing of the sow or has seen the third cub, they’re asked to call 303-291–7227.