Insulated Dog Houses

A bill that would bar Indiana inhabitants sentenced for violations including animal cruelty from owning a feline or pooch while on post-trial supervision or parole is made a beeline for Gov. Eric Holcomb’s work area.

House individuals casted a ballot 90-0 Tuesday to send the bill to Holcomb, who’s relied upon to sign it into law. The measure passed the Senate, 49-0, in February.

The (Northwest Indiana) Times reports the enactment would bar anybody sentenced for one of 13 animal abuse offenses, including animal fighting, from owning, harboring or training a dog or cat for the length of their probation or parole.

Republican state Sen. Ron Alting of Lafayette says he documented the measure after a few county prosecutors disclosed to him it’s expected to counteract rehashed cases of animal cruelty and animal abuse by individuals with a past filled with hurting animals.