canada moose

CBC News is reporting a story from Provincial wildlife official. They claim a moose was illegally shot and needed to be euthanized by police in Stephenville, and they’re looking for information about the incident.

In a release Friday, the department said the moose was allegedly illegally shot “dangerously close to multiple residences” on Dec. 3.

RCMP and Fish and Wildlife enforcement officers responded to a call of gunshots in the area of Queen Street Extension at the old dump road.

An injured moose had to be euthanized by RCMP officers, and wildlife officials later arrived to retrieve the carcass for examination.

Avalon herd protected

Meanwhile, the wildlife department got a report of a separate incident near St. Shott’s that a caribou was illegally shot on or around Nov. 29.

That incident happened near the highway, the release said.

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