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SUMTER, SC (WIS) – The Sumter County Sheriff’s Office is looking for two people responsible for throwing and abandoning four puppies over a barbed wire fence Saturday night reports

It happened at the Sumter SPCA off South Guignard Drive just before 8 p.m.

Cindy Cook, the Sumter SPCA manager tells WIS they received a call from their 24-hour answering service stating that “good samaritans had seen two individuals tossing four Chihuahuas over our 9-foot fence.”

Cook says four employees responded within minutes and were on the scene.

They found that two of the four Chihuahuas escaped through a gap in the front fence and were hit by cars before employees arrived.

“It was awful, it was terrible,” Cook said. “My heart sunk to my stomach. I was just trying to get over here to see what I could do to see if I could catch them.”

Chihuahuas _lovely_animals_animal_images

Cook says it took SPCA employees an hour and a half to catch and save the remaining two puppies.

Lucky, the boy, has a few scratches from being thrown over the fence. Destiny, the girl, is being treated for heartworms.

Employees say the hardest part about it all, is knowing the dogs could have been easily saved.

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