colorado pitbull k9 unit

“She is actually the first pit bull in Colorado to be a working K-9 officer in a K9 unit,” Dawn Havens, an 11-year law enforcement veteran and volunteer for the Colorado Mounted Rangers who serves as Kara’s handler told 9 News. “They’re known to be extremely loyal animals, and extremely protective of people. She’s not at all mean. She’s not aggressive towards anybody. I’ve never seen any aggression towards anybody.”

In addition to detecting and tracking narcotics in buildings and vehicles, Kara has been trained to find lost people.

Pit Bull Police K-9
Photo by Courtney Roberson on Unsplash

What’s perhaps more amazing than Kara’s groundbreaking new job is how she had previously been living in a shelter in Canyon Lake, Texas. She was rescued by Universal K-9, a Texas-based dog rescue and training group.

Brad Croft, operations director for the group, trained Kara and explained why her breed is actually cut out for police work.

“Those dogs are the high, high drive dogs like Kara,” Croft told 9 News. “And, you know, they get looked over in adoption events because people see all that energy and are like ‘Whoa, that’s too much for me.’ But these dogs work really well for our program because we take that energy and focus it and use it for positive things.”