coyote hit by car smilling

Coyotes are famously hard to catch. In the case of one such animal spotted at a golf course in Ottawa, Canada, that talent for avoiding humans was nearly fatal.

The DODO reports a story about a coyote hit by a car, but he was also suffering from a severe case of sarcoptic mange – an often fatal skin parasite. Despite his condition, the coyote managed to elude traps set for him by the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary.

Then, after nearly three days of ghosting his would-be rescuers, he was finally caught on November 21.

“He was in really rough shape when he first came to us,” Sarah Beauregard, animal care coordinator at the sanctuary, tells The Dodo. “We didn’t think he would make it through the first night.”

His pelvis was broken. His skin condition had left him with hardly any coat to protect him from the Canadian winter.

But if there was one hint that this coyote had found the right people, it was written on his face.coyote hit by car smilling

Coyotes are shy and timid by nature, but he seems he trust them and know that they are trying to help him.

coyote hit by car saved

Staff are looking to give him a name. Maybe you can help. They’re looking for suggestions on their Facebook page.

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