A cruel binman Jadson James Franca, was seen mounting the pavement and hitting the stray dog with his bin lorry.

The 35-year-old binman then parked the lorry and tied a chain around the neck of the whimpering animal, which now had two broken legs.

He was then caught dragging the terrified dog along the pavement using the chain, before tossing it into the compacting mechanism of the vehicle.

The abused dog was still alive when the truck eventually arrived at the rubbish dump – but died of its serious injuries just a few hours later.

Photos of the cruel act in Presidente Figueiredo, Brazil, sparked outrage after a local photographer posted them online.

And Brazilian TV presenter Xuxa posted them to her 4.4million Facebook followers.

She said: “This little dog, who wasn’t bothering anyone, had its legs broken, and in agony was tied up and dragged by the neck, before being brutally murdered by this individual, being thrown and crushed alive in the back of the garbage truck.

“This monster can still appeal against a fine and will still be walking the streets in freedom. Are we going to let that happen?? Let’s do something?? Together we can.”

Neilson da Cruz, Presidente Figueiredo’s mayor, said that the binman had been sacked and the rubbish collection company, ViaLimpa, would receive an unspecified fine.

But the mayor also criticised the people who had filmed the atrocity but had not tried to stop it from happening.

He said: “These people are more preoccupied with making recordings than with saving animals. This is an absurdity.”

Franca has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty and has been bailed, according to local police chief Valnei Silva.

He added that the binman claimed he threw the dog into the truck because the animal was “suffering greatly” and “needed to be sacrificed”.