Two weeks ago along a pier located in Hartlepool, County Durham, a group of three men were seen dragging leashed dogs out and flinging their live bodies into the sea. It was a cruel mass disposal of unwanted canines.  Furthermore, a total of nine greyhounds wearing muzzles were spotted with the men.

The animals were carried out to the end of the pier and  manhandled off the edge, ranging from a height of 4 to 6 feet. It was a horrible sight for bystanders.

The waves were very strong on that day, it was hardly likely that any of the nine dogs had survived. The poor dogs might have been plunged underwater and drowned due to the crashing waves near the pier. The RSPCA also addressed this distressing news, and is now urging for anyone with any lead to come forward.

As police spoke with a group of witnesses, the monster wasn’t alone – he was with a few of his friends, with Greyhounds of their own too.

The pictures above were actually photographed by an eyewitness, who very kindly provided a source of solid evidence to the police. An police investigation has since been launched, and anyone with any information regarding this incident should contact the police immediately.