Cruel women have been videoed dragging a scared dog to his death behind a truck “in revenge” for allegedly biting a child.

The poor thing was tied by a rope from its neck to the bumper of the 4×4 pickup truck in a small community of San Pedro, Paraguay.

According to the Mirror, the dog named Tyson, was dragged to its death as the truck takes off and the dog desperately tries to escape and run to keep up. The video shows one of the women in the passenger seat of the truck holding a small child on her lap as the other woman drives away.

Tragically, Tyson couldn’t keep up, the women never stopped until the dog was mercilessly dragged to his death and then they left his body on the side of the road.

Officials report the women are the mother and grandmother of the child who had allegedly been bitten by the dog.

Watch the video bellow which has been edited – deleting the last moments in a poor dog’s life while being dragged to his death.