Before you go posting to Facebook thinking you will get rallies of support from your friends and family, think again.

Katherine Lemansky  thought she would get a more positive reaction when she shared a photo of her dog on social media.

However, Lemansky received a rude wake up call when the responses to her photo were all but nice.

She shared a photo of her dog Brown with its mouth taped shut. The image went viral for all the wrong reasons. Many cited animal cruelty, including a Wake County, North Carolina courtroom who officially found Katherine guilty for the crime.

The judge in the courtroom ordered one year of supervised probation for Katherine but ultimately suspended the sentence.

As you might imagine, there have been mixed reactions to the judgment. Some were angry over the lack of punishment; some were surprised that the case even went to court, and others felt that the decision showed progress towards taking crimes against animals and animal cruelty more seriously.

Animal Control Supervisor Shelly Smith from Cary, NC began her own investigation.

When Supervisor Smith questioned Katherine about the photo, she claimed it was all “just a joke” and that the photo was only meant to be shown to her son.

During the court’s proceedings, the prosecutor noted that even though Brown did not suffer any visible injuries from the duct tape, it still did cause pain; therefore, Katherine committed an act of animal cruelty.

The judge agreed. Though Lemasky will not be serving time in jail or be required to serve the entirety of her year-long probation, she must still pay the court fees for her crime.