When the owner of a 3-month-old puppy, Snowflake, was told that her dog had a broken leg, Alsu Ivanchenko, 35, refused to deal with the appropriate treatment. What she did instead was downright unforgivable.

Alsu refused to pay for treatment, so she placed Snowflake in a trash bag, and threw her out of her car window. The impact cracked the puppy’s skull and caused brain trauma. The owner then sped off, leaving her dog to die.

Luckily, some good people rushed the pup to the vet as soon as they found her.

The puppy was covered in blood and, in addition to the brain trauma, sustained a broken leg and two fractures. Initially, Snowflake was scheduled to be euthanized, but with the help of the ASPCA, the South Shore Animal Hospital, and Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Northeast, she survived.

Meanwhile, the cruel woman replaced Snowflake with another puppy that she purchased.

After a seven month recovery process, Snowflake finally found a loving home.


Alsu has been ordered to pay the ASPCA $21,795 in restitution, and could face a year in prison. Alsu won’t be permitted to own a pet for 15 years, and she’ll spend five years on New York City’s Animal Abuse Registry.