Danbury Ice Arena no animal circus

The last animal circus act at the Danbury ice arena occurred at the beginning of this month and drew a number of animal rights activists.

The Ice Arena has a fresh and brand new proprietorship corporation and says they were committed to exhibiting the circus in light of the fact that the past proprietor previously had it on the logbook.

Danbury Ice Arena no animal circus

As per CT Post, The Ice Arena’s new corporation ownership, Diamond Properties worked with and was convinced by PETA to roll out the improvement going ahead. Diamond Properties prime founder and president Bill Diamond stated:

“Diamond Properties is proud to align itself with PETA and its commitment to animal rights causes.”

Danbury Ice Arena no animal circus

In spite of the way that PETA is included, I’m OK with this. I don’t care for PETA – I think they are radicals, however, animals like this don’t have a place in box trucks, going to hockey arenas in urban communities like Danbury. They have a place in nature. Ya know, ’cause they are wild creatures.

You will dependably have somebody counter that by revealing to you how “well” the wild animals are dealt with, and I call B.S. on that. I couldn’t care less in the event that you give them cucumber water and profound tissue massage each Thursday.

Danbury Ice Arena no animal circus

I couldn’t care less that they get the largest amount of nourishment and care. That is not what the wild animals are keen on. They are keen on being home in the wild, not captivity.

I generally pick the interests of people over animals when it is vital. Carnivals are a bit much. It’s not something we must have for our survival or improvement as people.

A circus is basically for our numbnuts stimulation, and our amusement does not trump the prosperity of an animal.

Besides, on the off chance that you’ve seen one circus carnival, you’ve seen them all.