deaf shelter dog

The DODO reports a story for a pit bull named Valcor, and the first thing people notice about Valcor when passing his shelter kennel is just how many blankets the young dog has stacked inside. Get closer to the 3-year-old pit bull mix and you’ll see his bright blue eyes and his eagerness to give kisses.

Accordinf to the DODO he is born deaf, Valcor has found comfort his blankets and they have become even more important since he was surrendered to the Animal Friends of the Valleys (AFV) shelter in Wildomar, California, over Thanksgiving weekend last month.

deaf shelter dog
Valcor Photo | Animal Friends of the Valleys

When Valcor was dropped at the shelter, his previous owner let the staffers know that the dog “needs blankets near him at all times so he can suck on them.” And, sure enough, as soon as Valcor was given a blanket, he didn’t need much assistance in getting cozy.

“Since he doesn’t have his hearing, it seems that being swaddled in his blankets(which he does himself) is comforting to him,” Katie Menges, media manager of AFV, told The Dodo. “He curls himself up in his blankets and sleeps like a baby until someone touches him or he decides he wants some play time.”

deaf dog dumped
Valcor and his new mom | Animal Friends of the Valleys

Valcor was surrendered to the shelter after his family had a baby. His previous owners claimed they had to leave him behind because he had become protective of his littlest sibling, Menges noted, and was having territory issues with their other dog. Staffers were wary of these protective tendencies at first, but quickly realized that the deaf dog got along with kids and dogs alike.

“When we brought in different dogs for him to interact with for a ‘dog test’ he did really well,” Menges said. “He does make some funny noises that the other dogs don’t really understand, but that is also very common for deaf pets.”