Dog Named Wall-e was dropped off by his owner. They said they had no time for him. They brought his bed and all his toys with him and dropped them all off with him.

The DODO reports a story for a dog named Wall-E and what happened when he was first adopted from Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (MCACC) in 2015. The Lab mix’s new family brought him home, cared for him and spoiled the once homeless pup with treats and toys.

Then, one day this past September, Wall-E found all his possessions bundled into two plastic trash bags. The 6-year-old dog couldn’t understand why he and his things were being driven back to the Arizona shelter, or why his owner was crying as he said goodbye.

All Wall-E knew was that once again he was on his own and heartbroken.


Circumstances had changed in Wall-E’s family’s life, and they could no longer care for Wall-E the way he deserved. “He was surrendered by his family because they did not have enough time for him,” Jordan Bader, who runs a Facebook page for the adoptable dogs of MCACC, told The Dodo. “He was very scared. In his kennel, he would bark and bark.”

The shelter was a far cry from a dog hotel, and Wall-E couldn’t keep his toys and bed in his kennel. He was confused and depressed — far from the comforts of his former life and the people who promised to love him.


When potential adopters walked by his little cage, they couldn’t see past the defensiveness that masked the once happy-go-lucky pup. But shelter staffers knew there was an incredibly sweet dog behind the bars, just waiting for someone to see the real Wall-E.

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