In Washington state, a dog owner stupidly thought that she would get some likes and comments on her Facebook by posting a photo of her little puppy, whose name is Ludo, wearing “Peepee Hat” as she called it.

She made that “hat” for him after he peed in the house. Lisa Parker wanted to shame her dog, but in return she only ashamed herself.

This picture has been removed, however, some smart people who saw before it’s deleted have taken screenshots.

Two of Parker’s friends commented on her post, “Nancy Stonehouse-Poitras” said that she loved that idea, and “Chastity Kribble” asked parker whether it worked or not.

Many people “reviewed” the “Everett Police Department’s” page on Facebook and demanded that they must take an action against that woman. One of these reviews, someone commented saying that this dog could be having some health problems. But this woman Instead of taking him to the vet, she ‘shames’ him.

Luckily, the “Everett Police” took an action, the “Everett animal control” officers are investigating abuse allegations.