Several drivers along a busy road in Carignan, north east France, witnessed a dog cruelly dragged behind a car, suffering several severe injuries which sadly proved to be fatal.

The local police received several calls about a car dragging a dog along the road. One horrified witness told the local newspaper Union:

I’m still shaking. It was 1:30pm when I saw a red car with a black lump behind it being dragged along. It was a dog…”

The witness took a photo of the shocking event as a reflex reaction, in the hopes of being able to identify the driver:

He got out to see if the dog was dead… He loaded the dog into the trunk with a can of gas and drove off. There were people all around but nobody reacted.”

The person responsible was quickly identified by the police, and the 55-year-old dog owner was arrested by the police later that day. He tried to justify his action by claiming that he had ‘forgotten’ that the dog was attached to the back of the car.

The police have opened an inquiry into the event citing animal cruelty, an offense which in France can result in a two-year prison sentence and a fine of 30,000 euros ($35,000).