Melissa Janelle Torrez saw a dog owner dragging a helpless dog along behind an electric scooter in South Texas.

Melissa stopped her car and recorded it. This cruel man dragged his German Shepherd more than two blocks.

It is sad that the animal was dragged so far – why didn’t someone stop him sooner?

In a video of the incident, Torrez tells him she is going to call the cops, to which he responds, “Call them. It’s my dog.”

It is a good thing that Melissa got the footage for proof, though. The poor dog was underweight too – so this was just more abuse he was suffering at the hands of this cruel man.

59-year-old Mario Cardona was charged with animal cruelty after Melissa Torrez called police as she witnessed the German shepherd being pulled behind Cardona’s scooter on the sidewalk.

Watch the video bellow.