In Great Yarmouth, England, a woman was so upset when she spotted a man walk past her with three dogs, including a tired puppy being dragged down the street on her belly, she videoed the disturbing scene to be used as future evidence.

The five-week-old Staffordshire bull terrier, named Fatsy, shaking, grunting and whining as her owner Robert Loombe dragged the little one down the street. The witness then turned the video over to the police, who tracked the owner down and charged him with animal cruelty.

According to the Mirror, Loombe was fined $400 and was not banned from owning pets in the future, although the Norwich magistrate barred him from owning Fatsy any longer. He pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to an animal and also admitted to possessing marijuana, but was not punished for the disturbing the peace offense.

According to witnesses, and Jade Barker who videoed the cruel situation, Loombe reacted angrily to people begging him to stop dragging the puppy along the sidewalk.

“I saw him dragging this poor little puppy behind him. I said that he needed to pick the puppy up and he told me to f*** off,” Jade stated. “So I just carried on walking and then saw him still dragging it across the road so its face collided with the high curb. I just thought it was so disgusting so I stood at the side of the Co-op and filmed him for 11 seconds. I was so upset that I was crying my eyes out.”

At least five other bystanders approached the dog owner as he dragged the puppy more than 60 yards, but to each person, the nasty man reacted with rage telling people he was training the puppy how to walk on a leash by dragging it stating “you have to be cruel to be kind.”

The puppy had been one of a litter of seven puppies Loombe had at his home. At the time of his arrest, the police removed all of the dogs. On his Facebook page, which had garnered intense criticism,  has since been closed from public view, he insulted anyone who criticized him, but later apologized.

And as for Fatsy, she suffered a bloodied chin and a police spokesperson stated the mother dog and the puppies were at the Suffolk based Broken Halo Animal Rescue Center. Soon after the puppy’s father and two other puppies were brought to the rescue by a member of his family. All five dogs are currently in foster care and are due to be adopted.