Dog Skinned Alive

New report from is unveiling another upsetting incident that occurred in China and action must be taken immediately to address the plight of all the innocent dogs that, victims of the zippy meat trade in China. Please support this campaign widely and support the implementation of animal rights legislation in China! Our voices are badly needed!

According to  just a few days ago a tiny dog was snatched by professional dog catchers; he was about to be cooked for his meat, but somehow managed to escape. He was spotted on the streets of Lanzhou running from his attackers with a chunk of fur detached from his body.

Braveheart is just one of the millions of victims of the dog meat trade in China.

Fortunately, local animal rescuers were alerted on the spot and managed to get to the dog in time to rescue him. The wounded pooch was taken to the veterinarian, where everyone was simply baffled by what had happened. The patient is currently on medication – vets will need to perform several surgeries, but are optimistic about his chances of recovery.


An update indicates that the pooch, named Braveheart, managed to take a few steps up on the floor of his sterile room, an extremely positive sign, given what he recently had to go through.

The dog meat trade in China must be addressed as soon as possible. Over 10 million dogs are eaten each year; for such a long period of time authorities have refused to intervene – believe it or not, dog meat consumption is still legal everywhere in China (although the meat must be sold under strict circumstances, the rules are never put into practice and traders are basically free to do whatever they want). Let us not forget about the Yulin dog meat festival either – the annual gathering where over 10, 000 dogs are cooked in the name of culinary tradition.

We, the undersigned, are signing this petition asking for a deep and profound reform in China. This situation cannot be tolerated anymore, because dogs deserve more, dogs are not food, they are trusted companions and truly man’s best friend.

Help us to stop the plight of millions of dogs in the world’s most populous country now. Let us all tell China the time for change is now!

If you’d like to keep up to date with news about Braveheart rescue or you are in a position to sign the petition, please visit the web page.

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Vets performed surgery and managed to save Braveheart

Dog Skinned Alive

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Against all odds, Braveheart is expected to make a full recovery; but unless a meaningful reform gets underway, many more similar cases will unfold.

Dog Skinned Alive

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