According to City of San Antonio Animal Care Services yesterday afternoon their Animal Care Officers responded to a 311 call for a trapped dog.

A work crew had been in the middle of project, while they heard something happening in the background. When they turned around, they noticed a dog speeding through the area, running after a cat.

The cat, trying to outsmart the dog, climbed inside a truck and escaped through the engine. The dog followed, however- was not so lucky.

This poor dog got herself stuck INSIDE the engine of the truck with no way out. She was confused, scared, and most importantly – in need of immediate help.

Thankfully, the incident occurred at a job site where employees were present and able to call for help. They contacted 3-1-1 who dispatched our team to the rescue.

Officer Cozzi and Officer Cortez rushed to the scene and carefully examined the predicament this furry friend got herself into.

This isn’t the first (or second) time their team handles these type of cases, so they knew exactly what to do. Their officers successfully calmed the dog down, and with everyone’s help, they were able to remove parts of the truck to better reach the pup. Officer Cozzi was able to squeeze her arm inside to free her and take her to safety!

The pup – now appropriately named Engelina Jolie – was exhausted but healthy and relieved. She received a veterinary exam upon coming to our shelter and is now relaxing, while getting plenty of love from the staff.

Engelina is available for adoption and ready to be part of a forever family ? ❤️. For those interested in fostering or adopting this sweet girl, her Animal ID number is A577614. Help us find her the perfect home!