Everyone knows that dogs go above and beyond to protect their owners. But this amazing dog from Florida did something incredible.

The family dog was ready to die when a crazy attacker broke into his family’s house.
That day, a man with a tire iron in one hand and a knife in the other crossed their threshold. Lexie Enoch, a schoolgirl, was in the house. She came home at the time of her break

This Basset Hound, named Levi understood that the situation was dangerous. He threw himself in front of the guy without hesitation. The dog saved his owner, but he was stabbed 32 times in his head and neck.

When the police arrived, they tried to use a taser without any effect. Then the cops had to shoot the assailant.
Levi was immediately taken to the vet clinic. Everybody was shocked to see this bleeding dog. He was in a very bad condition.

Luckily, the vets managed to help him. Levi was alive.