12 dogs found shot, beaten to death in Indiana woods

JENNINGS COUNTY, IN (WAVE) – Police and Animal Control are working to find the person who dumped a pile of dead dogs in a wooded area, reports wave3.com.

The dogs were found February 28 near Columbia Township on County Road 740 East.

Investigators are stunned and sickened by the careless killing.

“It’s definitely something you can’t un-see,” Senior Animal Control Officer Michelle Acton said. “You just wonder what was going through this person’s head to do something like this.”

There were three adults – a pitbull, a boxer and a beagle mix that had recently given birth. Officials also found nine puppies, two that were just a couple of weeks old.

One of the puppies was found hanging from a tree. Investigators think it is because the person responsible just tossed the dogs out of the car and down the hill.

All looked to be in healthy condition with no signs of abuse or malnutrition prior to their deaths. All of the blood made it difficult to tell what killed the dogs, according to Acton.

The necropsy revealed the dogs were shot to death with an air rifle. The two newborn puppies were beaten to death.

Acton and Foster are unsure if the boxer found has anything to do with the others. That dog was older and found further down the road.

There are so many possibilities for a motive. Animal Control Officers believe it may have been someone who suddenly became overwhelmed with two litters of puppies. Another theory is that the killer could have stolen the dogs or found them as strays. The one thing that does stick out is the brutality of the killing and the highly visible place the dogs were dumped.

If you have any information call the Jennings County Sheriff’s Office at (812) 346-5111.

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