In a cold blooded act of animal cruelty occurring in Weihai, China’s Shandong province, outraged witnesses tried desperately to intervene after seeing a tethered dog running after a vehicle, reports AsiaOne.

In a viral video, the long haired brown and white dog is first seen running as he tries to keep up with the moving vehicle. The car then picks up speed and the dog struggles to keep up, but then falls and is shown being mercilessly dragged along the road.

Witnesses surrounded the vehicle forcing it to stop. The dog died at the scene from his fatal injuries.

According to the South China Morning Post, angry witnesses attacked the man identified as 43-year-old Qi. Police later arrested Qi and at least four people who had been involved in the fight.

The repercussions of the video and pictures posted throughout social media have erupted into widespread condemnation demanding Qi be punished.

A relative of the dog owneri has since come forward stating the dog had rabies and had bitten people that morning. Qi had intended to take the dog for treatment, but the dog refused to get into the car so he decided to drive slowly and drag the dog behind.