texas dogs abandoned

April Ratcliff, an East Texas rescuer said that this is the third round of saving a little puppy. “This baby has been hit by a vehicle, so it’s backside is harmed.”

She is only one of 75 hounds safeguarded out at Island View in Marion County. The greater part of the puppies were deserted or surrendered while the rescuers were on location over a three-day extend.

“I made some calls to friends and kind of told them what was going on and they were like we wanna help, we wanna help. I know my dog lovers,” said Ratcliff in a statement for easttexasmatters.com

The poor animals were in critical need.

“I got a picture that it looked like the dog was laying on the cement, dying,” Ratcliff added.

The rescuers made the 45 minute drive from Longview and started clearing their path through deserted trailers, hoping to discover surviving dogs.

“Some had flea bites, dermatitis, mange, they were emaciated, starving, skin and bones, dehydrated,” said Ratcliff. “They were in bad shape, they needed help.”

When they were gotten, they required someplace to go. On account of DALLAS DOGRRR, the East Texas little pups have another opportunity at life. In any case, that possibility won’t come without a heavy price.

texans saved dogs abandoned

“On the first shipment of dogs, there was 15 heartworm positive,” said Ratliff. “So if you do the math, that’s $10,000.”

What’s more, in the event that you look at the rescue organization facebook page, you can see the bills are heaping up. You can likewise observe the dog who was laying on the bond, almost died a couple of days prior.

They’re calling him ‘sly mcfly’.

texans saved dogs abandoned

There are numerous ways you can help. You can likewise make a beeline for the DALLAS DOGRRR site HERE to make a gift or adopt these East Texas puppies!