RSPB Scotland are encouraging Edinburgh and Lothians pet owners to hang onto any excess hair you end up with after brushing your dog and cat, and peg it onto washing lines for birds to find.

The fur can be used to line nests and keep eggs extra-cosy, which can be particularly helpful in Scotland as spring weather conditions are often pretty chilly.

In a Facebook post, RSPB Scotland said: “REMEMBER: when you brush your pets, keep the hair and peg it to your washing line or tree branches. It’ll help keep the little #birds extra warm when they make their nests…”

In spring, dogs and cats shed their winter coats, which can be frustrating for homeowners. If you regularly brush your pet at this time of year, you no doubt often end up with enough hair to knit a sweater.

Instead of throwing it in the bin, just pop it out for the birds instead.

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