farmer hanged sheepdog

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT:  Farmer Graham Thomas, 55, attached a 20ft rope around his sheepdog’s neck

A rancher who murdered his sheepdog since he didn’t round up his run of sheep appropriately has been imprisoned for 18 weeks.

Graham Thomas, 55, attached 20ft rope around Prince’s neck and draped him from an expansive tree on his ranch in South Wales.

Witnesses portrayed seeing Thomas yelling and swearing at the Welsh border collie at the times before he was killed.

Guilty: The bench didn’t believe Graham Thomas’s story and found him guilty of causing ‘unnecessary suffering’ to the sheepdog, pictured deceased above

A vet told jurors at Newport Magistrates’ Court this week the hanging would have caused the animal ‘incredible fear, misery and clear pointless torment.’

Thomas argued not guilty and claimed the dog had figured out how to move up the sapling himself while contorting the rope around his neck all the while.

He asserted Prince was dead when he attempted to help at the ranch in Rhymney, South Wales.

The seat at Newport Magistrates’ Court did not succumb to his story be that as it may, discovering him liable after a preliminary hearing this week.

Witnesses saw Thomas shouting and swearing at the Welsh border collie Prince shortly before he was killed 

Newport Magistrates Court heard that the RSPCA addressed a specialist vet who said that Thomas’ story didn’t make any sense.

Thomas, of Tredegar, Blaenau Gwent, South Wales, denied the offense under the Animal Welfare Act, yet was discovered guilty after a preliminary hearing.

The court heard that it was one of the ‘most clear’ demonstrations of animal cruelty that had been experienced and was serious to the point that only custody could be justified.

He was imprisoned for 18 weeks for causing pointless suffering.
He was restricted from keeping dogs and sheep forever.

RSPCA investigator Emma Smith stated: ‘This is such an unusual and disturbing case where a sheepdog was killed by his owner allegedly because he wouldn’t round up his sheep properly.
‘Prince would have suffered immensely which resulted sadly in his death.
This intentional cold-bloodedness is simply so horrendous to understand. Following the occurrence, his body was then evacuated by the defendant and burned

‘It must have been extremely distressing for the witnesses to have seen this. We are very grateful to them for reporting it to us and assisting with our investigations.’ she finishes her statement for Daily Mail.