fisherman swordfish catches

A fisherman in Florida Keys went through eight hours reeling in a real ocean beast.

According to a report from Fox News on March 31, Captain Nick Stanczyk took a gathering of customers out on his contract boat, ignorant that he was going to make an incredible catch.

They sailed to an area off the shore of Islamorada, Fla., a known spot for swordfish sightings. Around 10 minutes subsequent to setting the lure, Stanczyk saw they had a bite.

At first, he was unconscious of exactly how enormous the fish was. After around 40 minutes, he got his first take a gander at the electric blue swordfish, and speculated that it weighed something close to 400 pounds.

Following five hours, the group at long last got their first genuine look at the animal and understood that it likely weighed more than 600 pounds.

Throughout the following a few hours, the fish giant would consistently plunge deep into the sea and afterward return raging up to the surface, yet it never broke free from the line.

Now, the swordfish began to charge the vessel. Stanczyk kept his customers centered, and they had the capacity to keep the fish hooked.

It took eight hours, yet Stanczyk and his customers Bill and Debbie Lussier were at last ready to spear the monster and utilize a pulley to bring it onto the vessel.

By that point, the battle had made the boat float 20 miles from its beginning area. When they returned to shore, it took seven individuals to get the fish off the vessel.