Florida Man Shoots and Kills Pet Zebra

A Grant’s zebra is dead subsequent to getting away from a Callahan, Florida, property.

As indicated by First Coast News, the zebra, named Shadow, inhabited Cottonwood Ranch — a beautiful field with its very own wedding scene — and some way or another got away from the far-reaching grounds on Wednesday.

Shadow was spotted “jogging” down a nearby street by a neighbor. Jenee Watkins revealed to First Coast News that she saw the animal stop to gaze while she was strolling her pooch.

“And then cop cars come zooming so the zebra runs into this yard and then all the way into that backfield. That’s when a car comes zooming, cops are zooming, I’m standing there, the owner shot it and the zebra fell,” she said about what occurred straightaway.

Another neighbor, Stephen Young, likewise told the news station that he saw the proprietor, who has not been publicly identified, shoot and murder the animal. Young would like to think, there was a great opportunity to endeavor to lasso and catch the animal as opposed to shooting it with a rifle.

In a statement given to PEOPLE, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) said they are as of now exploring the episode.

On March 27, “an unpermitted zebra got away from an unlicensed office, Cottonwood Ranch, in Callahan, FL. The zebra was in the end put down because of open public security concerns.

There have been no reports of attacks or injuries to any humans made as a result of the got away zebra. Starting data demonstrates that the facility isn’t in control of any extra hostage wildlife that would be managed by the FWC,” finishes the announcement.

It is legitimate to by and by have a zebra in Florida, yet the FWC necessitates that the guardian acquires a Class III license for the animal.