When you adopt a dog from the shelter you should know that the dog will need to eat, sleep, and do its ‘business’ outside.

However, there are actually some people who don’t realize that dogs need to eat to survive. A woman in Florida  adopted a dog from a shelter. She took it home and got busy. She claims that she was so busy she forgot to feed him.

Richter, had been adopted from the Humane Society of Sarasota County by Alexandria Drew, 20. Six months later, she returned and wanted to surrender the emaciated dog claiming that she had found the dog as a stray.

The dog owner forgot that Richter had a microchip that indicated she was his owner. Instead of taking him to the shelter, she took Richter to animal control, Drew claimed she didn’t have the $30 surrender fee.

Thankfully, Richter is in the capable hands of an animal shelter and was expected to make a full recovery. For her efforts, Drew was arrested.