A dozen animals were rescued from a private zoo on Sunday surrounded by fears they were malnourished.

When MailOnline exposed the plight of starving lions, wolves and zebras forced to live in dirty concrete cages , public pressure was rising on Albanian authorities. Not much time has passed and the authorities forced their way into the complex and rescued 12 animals – three lions, a bear, a water buck, four deer, a fox, a zebra and a turtle.


Photo credit: Four Paws

Vets and animal welfare charity workers sedated the animals and took them for treatment at Tirana’s public zoo. Four Paws spokesman Martin Bauer, involved in the rescue, in a statement for  Daily Mail said that they will try to relocate the animals to sanctuaries.

This Four Paws staff member takes picture of this poor zebra which was kept in a cramped cage 


Photo credit: Daily Mail/EPA