This woman adopted a small puppy but got much more than she expected.

Some dogs are so small and cute when they are puppies that people presume that they will remain relatively small and cute. But some dogs start off this way and grow much, much bigger.

That is what happened to this dog. Tydus was adopted by Yumna when he was just a tiny, furball. Yumna instantly fell in love with the little puppy. But he did not stay little for long.

In fact, Tydus grew and grew until he reached a whopping 120-pound adult. Not surprisingly, he is just as cute and adorable and fluffy as ever.

Not unlike many other large dogs, Tydus also tends to behave like he is still a small dog, trying to get up on laps for extra attention.

His family does not think that he will grow much larger. They also believe that much of his size is just the fluff he carries with him every day.

Tydus clearly has some Husky in him, but his unusual size goes beyond most explanations. See for yourself as he lies down with Yumna. He is bigger than she is!