One girl was sleeping with her pet python every single night — as you might imagine, it turns out that wasn’t the best choice for a bedmate.

Every evening, the girl would sleep with her pet python sprawled her body. When she’d sleep on her stomach, her beloved pet would spread out its body from her head to her toes. It was a bonding moment that she cherished with her snake.

After weeks of sleeping with the woman in her bed, the 7-foot python suddenly stopped eating. She started to grow concerned and took the snake to the veterinarian to see why it was refusing meal times that it normally used to love.

After hearing that woman and the python sleep together every evening, the vet was completely taken aback. He asked the woman if the snake sprawls out along her body or curls up around her at times. And the owner confirmed.

The vet began to explain to the woman that the snake was actually sizing her up. Every time the snake was sprawling itself along her body, it was actually a bit of rehearsal of sorts. It was essentially practicing for its next big meal.

It turns out that the snake was patiently waiting until the perfect time for it to snatch up its prey, its next big course, and in this case — its owner. After receiving the shocking news, this girl learned a frightful lesson and won’t be making that mistake again.