Shocking images show the injuries sustained to hundreds of lovely animals in the wildfires that are ripping through California.

Hundreds of animals have been rescued from the fires, however, many more have not been so lucky and the number of animal victims is as yet unknown.

A series of horrifying images include a rabbit with its ears burned off and dogs with serious burns.

California Wildfires

Shiloh, a 2-year-old golden retriever, lies down with its face burned after a wildfire in Paradise, Calif., Saturday, Nov. 10, 2018. Shiloh needs veterinarian treatment. But her owner, Cathy Fallon can’t leave her property because authorities won’t allow her to return back, because the entire town is still under an evacuation order. Fallon and Shiloh are spending nights in this horse trailer because the family home burned. (AP Photo/Paul Elias)

Homes across the state were evacuated as the fires spread, with thousands of people fleeing – many with their pets. Sadly, many had to be left behind as there wasn’t time to get them to safety.

An organization of animal lovers known as California Wildfire Pets which has been trying to reunite lost animals with their owners disclosed the news on Facebook.


Photo credit Rest in peace: The badly burned cat was pictured cowering in agony before animal rescuers could take it to a veterinary center, after it was discovered near a residential block in Paradise, California on Sunday

They had earlier posted: ‘Are you missing an orange tabby kitty from the area of Billie Rd in Paradise?’ with a picture of the cat in the hope its family could be found.

California Wildfires Photo Gallery

Capt. Steve Millosovich carries a cage of cats while battling the Camp Fire in Big Bend. Credit: PA

Billiegirl the cat became one of the thousands of animals who have perished in the deadly wildfires ravaging the state of California. Others have managed to escape or have been rescued, but the blazes have had a devastating impact on wildlife.  Allison Cardona, a deputy director of Los Angeles County Animal Care & Control, told NBC News that around 7,000 animals – including over 500 horses and nine cows – are being cared for by the agency.

News: California Wildfires

Yolo County Animal Services tends to a horse that was stranded during the fires. Credit: PA