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Standard UK reports a story for a homeless man’s beloved pet dog that stayed by her side for hours after he died and helped police to identify him, the bosses of a homeless charity reveal today.

Nick, a 53-year-old rough sleeper, was discovered by police in Elephant and Castle, south London on February 23.

He had gone for a walk the day before, leaving his belongings on The Strand in central London, and when he died he had no form of identification on him.

But, his dog, Scarper, did not leave his side for 12 hours after his death, helping authorities to identify him.

Around 400 dogs and owners are registered in the Dots database, each identifiable with a unique number written on the dog’s tag.

When police called Ms Clark asking for help, she said: “literally within five seconds I was able to bring up who the owner was.”

She said it is not yet known exactly how long Scarper sat by Nick after he died but it is believed to be as long as 12 hours.

“It could’ve been anything up to 12 hours plus. She did not leave his side, literally sat by his side

“I think what is absolutely so devastating is we had to identify him via the dog tag.”   

She added: “If they didn’t have that dog tag, I’m not going to say they never would have found out but I think it would’ve made the process very much longer.

“And it could’ve even have been impossible.”

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