Terrified dogs wait blow-torched

Daily Mail reports a story about terrified dogs wait to be bludgeoned, blow-torched and dismembered at ‘hellish’ Indonesian dog-meat market

Terrified dogs wait in wire cages to be beaten to death as cats are blow-torched while they are still alive – this is the horrifying reality of Indonesia‘s live meat trade.

There are more than 200 ‘live’ meat markets in the south Asian country, and Downton Abbey actor Peter Egan travelled to two of the most notorious in order to lay bare the suffering of animals condemned to this fate, reports Daily Mail.

These deeply disturbing scenes were filmed at Tomohon’s ‘Extreme Market’ and Langowan Traditional Market, both located in North Sulawesi province.

Distressed dogs sit in a cramped and sweltering cage waiting to be slaughtered at an Indonesian meat market in North Sulawesi

The animals are often stolen pets which are illegally transported across state lines before being beaten to death and sold as meat

The animals are forced to watch as their cage-mates are battered to death before being blow-torched to remove their hair

Videos from the two markets, visited by Daily Mail journalist alongside the Dog Free Meat Indonesia campaign group, show animals forced into cages in hot weather, awaiting their fate.

Animals were filmed being clubbed to death in full view of the cage-mates, making the experience as terrifying as possible.

After being beaten over the head with large pieces of wood the animals are taken to be blowtorched so the hair can be stripped away.

However, many of the pitiable creatures are still moving or twitching as the flames are applied to their bodies.

The methods used to slaughter the dogs are basic and typically involves hitting them over the head with a large piece of wood (pictured)

Before being killed the animals are kept in cramped metal cages, adding to their suffering

Puppies which have been blowtorched to remove their hair are then skewered on the end of sticks and served to customers

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