Yesterday, Pham Thi Thuan was sentenced to 5 years in prison for laundering wildlife through a licensed wildlife farm❗️

According to ENV Wildlife Conservation Trust On May 8, 2018, authorities searched the address of Ms. Pham Thi Thuan’s registered wildlife farm and confiscated 13 king cobras, nearly 300 turtles including 18 big-headed turtles, and many other rare wildlife species (Case ref.12575/ENV)

Originally, Thuan was sentenced to 2 years in prison in December 2019. However, ENV intervened by sending an appeal petitioning for a longer sentence based on the new Penal Code. Thank you Quang Nam People’s Court for taking wildlife crime seriously and lengthening the sentence! 🙌

In recent years, Thang Binh district in Quang Nam has seen many new legal wildlife farms established. Not only is this a risk to public health, but according to an ENV survey of commercial wildlife farms in Vietnam, 100% of wildlife farms surveyed showed signs of wildlife laundering.⛔️


Another member of the groups on May 13th, Tran Quy was sentenced to 13 years in prison and 100 million VND for running an illegal pangolin trafficking network! Accomplice Nguyen Hai Nam got 12 years in prison and 50 million VND, and Le Viet Linh received 10 years in prison for his involvement 👏

In 2018,Tran Quy’s fake ecotourism business, Hai Dang., Ltd, was found trafficking 114 live Sunda pangolins and 300 kg of pangolin scales from the remote island of Hon Khoai to mainland Vietnam. The island and business were used to bring in huge shipments of pangolins and pangolin scales from overseas, then transported north for consumption ☣️


ENV’s prosecution team has been following the case since 2018 and supplying information on Tran Quy’s business to Ca Mau police. Excellent work Ca Mau province for busting these criminals, sentencing them to hard time in prison, and rescuing hundreds of live pangolins!

This justice is great news during #endangeredspecies week. All 8 pangolin species are endangered due to their high demand in the wildlife trade. Please like and share to spread awareness for the most trafficked mammal in the world! 💔

How can you save the pangolin from extinction?

You can join ENV’s Pangolin Campaign, empowering ENV’s work on pangolin trafficking investigations, educating the public against pangolin consumption, and helping live pangolins escape the wildlife trade:

Photo of subject Nam and weighing: Le Khoa