animal cruelty bill indiana

House Bill 1615, endorsed 92-0 in the House Wednesday, will refresh Indiana’s animal cruelty rules to take action against individuals who hurt animals.

Delegate Ryan Hatfield (D-Evansville) supported the bill.

“The goal of this legislation is to create better protections for Hoosier animals and people,” Hatfield said.

The bill calls for individuals who hurt an animal to deal with lawful offense indictments and go to jail if sentenced.

“In my time in the prosecutor’s office, we saw one story after another of animal abuse. Hank the dog comes to mind. The hoarding case, and so many other tragic incidents.

This bill grew out of frustrations with all of those incidences,” Hatfield continued. “We wanted to make sure animal shelters can’t freeze cats, and you can’t light your dog on fire.”

The bill additionally restricts an animal control program, animal shelter, or humane culture from slaughtering an animal using any and all means other than altruistic willful euthanasia to be regulated in a way that causes effortless loss of awareness and death.

“FBI Profiler Robert Ressler in a statement for 14 News says, ‘Murderers often start out by killing and torturing animals,'” Hatfield added.

“There is a direct link between people who abuse animals and people who abuse other people. When we strengthen animal cruelty crimes to protect animals, we also protect fellow Hoosiers.”