Newfoundland Mastiff are usually sweet tempered and gentle, great family dogs.

However, Diesel was chained to a tree with nothing but a flimsy dog box to keep warm, for four years. His food was thrown to him by his owner who decided one day that they didn’t want him any longer.

His owner would often forget to feed him on top of being left out in the cold. Hunger and lack of love weren’t Diesel’s biggest problems. He often had to fight off other animals that would attack him, including other dogs.

Diesel was even kicked in the head by a horse, causing fractures in his face and broken teeth.

Animal Advocates’ program called Freezing Dog Freedom Train takes dogs out of the hostile environments and rehabilitates them.


Along with Diesel, Animal Advocates have helped dozens of dogs with similar situations, like Pepper who was chained, starved, and pregnant. She was re-homed in a nice and loving home that allows her to run on the beach and hike in the mountains.